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Our Products

Fullers Earth Activated Clay Filter Canisters and Bags

Fuller's Earth Filter Elements - Perforated Metal and Bag Elements are adsorption type consisting of Top Quality 60/90 LVM CLAY. Baked to remove any impurities and moisture. Recommended for the removal of soluble contaminants, acids, rust, gums, tars, resins and asphaltenes from fuels and oils. Adsorption of solid impurities - dirt, sludge, metal and carbon particles are contained within the clay therefore leaving the internal migration barrier to polish the liquids. Interchanges with most O.E.M manufacturers. Dual Media's available including: Activated Carbon and Activated Alumina, Select Sorb GT.

Filter Bags Available in Cotton, Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon Mesh, and Many Other Fabrics

Bag Filters - Unique cotton blend formulated for capturing more dirt, effective durability, and no shrinkage. Available in Custom Sizes and O.E.M Replacements. Applications include - Turbine Oil Conditioning, many Gravity Feed Pre-filters, and Extrusion products including: resins, paints, and liquid food processing.

Vacuum Pump Replacement Filters

Filter Elements for Vacuum Pump Fluids - Perforated metal jacket with migration barriers. Custom sizes and formulations for specific requirements. Available in different media including: Activated Alumina, Fuller's Earth, Pleated Paper, Charcoal, Zeolite, and Calcium Chloride.

Spin-on Filter Elements for Leybold CFS Systems 18990, 18996, 18999

Spin-on's - Interchanges with Leybold and Precision Plus Available in Pleated Paper, Activated Alumina and Dual Media. All 1.3 liter cans with built-in safety bypass set at 35-37 PSI.

Vacuum Pump Mist Eliminator Filter Elements

Mist Eliminator for Vacuum Pumps - Keeps oil mist from escaping into the atmosphere and work environments. Allows Expensive Fluids to be Recycled.



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