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Selexsorb - promoted alumina-based adsorbent formulated for refinery production processesDescription:

Selexsorb is a promoted alumina-based adsorbent especially formulated for refinery production processes for trace contaminant removal. This media does not release any minerals that can promote sludge and gels within the reservoir.

Selexsorb® products, promoted state-of-the-art alumina adsorbents, are used in aspects of olefin production and refineries.

BASF Selexsorb® provide highly efficient removal of a many contaminants from olefin containing streams, complete system solutions for treatment of off-gas streams from catalytic crackers (FCC, DCC, CPP) and acetylene producing units, long lifetime as well as easy operability, physical hardness and durability.


Selexsorb® products, are best used for filtering synthetic oils, used in various aspects of olefin production and refineries.

  • BASF Selexsorb® purifies Olefins, i.e. Ethylene, Propylene, Butenes, etc.,
  • Aliphatics such as Propane, Butane, etc.,
  • gases, such as Air, CO2, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Natural Gas, etc.,
  • feedstocks for Alkylation units and units producing MTBE and TAME
  • as well as feedstocks for BTX units.

Selexsorb® removes COS, H2S, CS2, CO2, H2O, NH3, Mercaptans, Sulfides, Disulfides, Thiophenes, Oxygenates, (Alcohols, Aldehyhdes, Ketones, etc.), Amines, Amides, Nitriles, Organosilicates and Arsine.


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