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Activated Charcoal & Process Water Clarifier

Activated Carbon: a.k.a. charcoal, medical grade


This media is used to remove chlorine, unwanted color bodies, and odors.  Carbon is also used for the deoiling of industrial water.  It is also used for decolorization and deodorization of hydrocarbon based solvents.


Adsorption of dissolved contaminants from air, amines, gas, glycols, water, and other process streams.  Medical grade used for kidney dialysis and gastric upset.


Available in bulk and canister for

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Liquid Filtration

Granular Activated Carbon - EI-30S is an 8x30 mesh virgin liquid phase carbon. This product is manufactured from selected grades of coconut shell to give the superior hardness and activity required for liquid phase applications.

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Vapor Phase 4x8 Pellets

PELLETIZED ACTIVATED CARBON - EI-46P: is a 4 mm, pelleted carbon made from select grades of high quality coal, activated under rigid process control conditions to yield a strong, dense, very active product suited for vapor phase adsorption. This product is double screened and dedusted in process and prior to packaging to assure a clean, hard, dust free product having a long service life.

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R/O Membrain

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Ion Exchange

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