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Fullers Earth Estimation

Fullers Earth Adsorption by attapulgus clay

This chart provides a means of estimating the amount of fullers earth by weight that is required per gallon of oil to be processed.


Oil to be treated has a Neut. Number of 0.15 and it is desired to reduce that to <0.05:

  • Find 0.15 on the x-axis and draw a vertical line to the 0.05 line.
  • Draw a horizontal line from the intersection with the line to the y-axis and read the amount of clay required.
  • Answer: 0.4 lbs FE / gallon.

What is Fuller’s Earth?

Fullers Earth is Activated Clay, commonly used to remove surfactants and additives from fuel oils including jet fuel, kerosene, and diesel.  It also removes products of oxidation and acids from hydraulic and lube oils.

Bulk Fuller's Earth can be used at airports, in refineries, transformer repair shops, and other industries.


  • Removal of Acids
  • Oxidation Products
  • Surfactants
  • Additives
  • Soaps
  • Colors
  • Soluble contaminants from: Jet Fuel, Lubrication Oils, Hydraulic Oil, Quench Oil, Insulating Oil, Mineral Spirits, and Solvents


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