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Press Release August 8-2006


Jaxon now represents InsOil Canada

Jaxon Filtration Inc. based in Franklin Ga. finalized negotiations with Calgary based InsOil Canada to represent their products and services in the U.S.   InsOil was awarded U.S. Patents on products to provide the power industry with cost effective means of arresting the oxidation decay of oil-paper insulation and diminish the gassing of oil in high voltage transformers.

 The new environmentally friendly technology developed by InsOil is:  A procedure designed to arrest the oxidation decay process of the oil paper insulation used in ‘ free breathing’ power transformers. This technique is to be distinguished from the use of oxidation inhibitors, which can only reduce the rate of degradation. The dissolved oxygen removal system was successfully tested and in use with  power companies abroad.

 A laboratory procedure that can quantitatively determine the amount of insoluble suspension in mineral oils by using the electrical sensing zone principle (Coulter Principle) was also developed in cooperation with Beckman Coulter company located in Miami FL.  In addition InsOil has developed innovative state of the art Laboratory techniques, which can establish a quantitative relationship between the laboratory gassing tendency test and the performance of oil in service. ASTM has approved these testing procedures, such as Designation D6180, D6181 and D6802 over the past decade. They are already implemented in the markets place by three commercial labs: one in Calgary, Alberta, the second in Vasteras, Sweden, and the third in Manila, the Philippines. 

  Power grids throughout the U.S. are equipped with aging transformers that are not able to handle the voltage needed for today’s electrical demand. This is not a problem limited to the U.S. Power failures are rampant worldwide.  InsOil’s has had their international patents for sometime and have had good results in South America,  Europe, and Canada.

 John Sabau, president and founder of InsOil has spent a lifetime researching and working with transformers. He and James Kingston, president of Jaxon Filtration, met in Calgary in June at a petroleum conference and trade show that Jaxon was attending with the U.S. Consulate. Mr. Kingston stated “ this was a natural partnership in that we have been working with power companies all over the U.S. filtering transformer oils with Fuller’s Earth clay for several years. We are also introducing new medias to absorb moisture and answer the needs of degraded mineral oils”. Jaxon will begin working with companies closest to their geographical location in Georgia and then expanding throughout using their distributor network.




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