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Jaxon History

Welcome to Jaxon Filtration

  • Founded in 1984, Jaxon Filtration was an outsource for a filtration company in Georgia. Jaxon provided sewn products for lube oils and clay bags for petroleum.
  • In 1997, a group of investors purchased the company and James Kingston became General Manager.
  • in February of 1998 Jonathan McCollough joined Jaxon's team to head up the Engineering and Sales Department.
  • In February of 2000, Jaxon moved to a 14,000 sq.ft. facility in Franklin Industrial Park.
  • Feb. 10, 2001 Jaxon Filtration, Inc. began to Supply Haypacks to Major Airports
  • May 25, 2001 Jaxon Filtration, Inc. Announces Purchase of Fuel Filtration Company
  • April 18, 2002 Jaxon Filtration, Inc. was nominated for Manufacturer of the Year
  • March 2004 Jaxon Filtration, Inc. Celebrates 20th Year
  • August 8, 2006 Jaxon partners with InsOil Canada
  • August 8, 2006 Jaxon Filtration, Inc. Celebrates 22 Years of Service by Introducing New Filter for Utility Industry
  • May 8, 2009 Jaxon Filtration, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years and Introduces the Trans-Dri Filter Cartridge
  • May 8, 2009 Jaxon Celebrates 25 Years and Introduces the Trans-Dri Filter Cartridge
  • In 2011, Jaxon joined in partnership with a parent company, Met-Chem Group, out of Ohio.
  • September 22, 2011 Jaxon Filtration,Inc. Joins into Partnership With Met-Chem Group
  • May 8 2012 Jaxon and Employees Celebrate 28 Years of Filtration Service
  • May 8 2014 Jaxon and Employees Celebrate 30 Years of INNOVATION and EXCELLENCE in FILTER TECHNOLOGY
  • 2016 Jaxon introduces Earth SorB™ A Lightweight, Porous, Non Swelling Clay Media with a Complex chemical formulation of Magnesium and Alumina Silica forming spear like structures

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