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Release         April 18, 2002



Georgians for Manufacturing recently recognized Jaxon Filtration, Inc. as a nominee for Manufacturer of the Year.  The group cited Jaxon's high degree of corporate responsibility, positive economic impact on Georgia, and overall workforce excellence as a basis for this prestigious award. Company president James Kingston attended the awards ceremony in Atlanta, GA.  There he was recognized and accepted the nomination award on behalf of the company owners, management, and associates.  Mr. Kingston said, "We hope this award reflects the goals of the company owners; that being providing jobs and economic development in Georgia, especially in the local Heard County area."  This was the first time that Jaxon Filtration had been nominated for Manufacturer of the Year; however, Mr. Kingston went on to say that with the growth and new product development that the company had been cultivating, he hoped to see many more nominations and awards like this in the future.



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