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Press Release           Feb 10, 2001


Jaxon Filtration To Supply Haypacks To Major Airports


Jaxon Filtration Inc., located in Franklin, GA, announced today that they had landed a major contract to provide haypack pre-filters to pipeline distribution centers located at major airports around the country. Company Engineer Jonathan McCollough said, “We have been working on this contract for some time, performing tests and getting qualified. Now it looks like all the hard work has paid off."


Although many different types of media are available, haypack filter elements are generally constructed of high quality excelsior media for particulate removal or fiberglass media for water separation, and in some cases, a combination of both.  Typical applications include dehydration and purification of aviation fuel and gasoline at airports and fuel farms and removal of emulsified water and pipe scale on multi-product hydrocarbon pipelines.


McCollough went on to say, that this was just one area that the company has developed as a relationship with airports and fuel farms. They have been providing Fuller's Earth bags and canisters for surfactant removal to this industry for some time with great success. 


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