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Fuller's Earth Systems


Fullers Earth SystemsThe Jaxon Filtration system comes in a variety of sizes and types. They are available for in-plant stationary applications as well as module systems. They come available as stand-alone systems or as modules for integration into existing equipment.

Single bulk filter systems are available with earth capacities of 250, 500, 850, 1000 and 2000 pounds. Typically two or more filters of identical capacity will compromise a system. This allows optimum usage of the clay and change-out of the charge in one filter while the other is still in use.
Floor models are available for transformer manufacturing and repair facilities. Portable systems are available on open trailer, tarp-sided trailers, swing-door trailers, hard-sided hitch/tag trailers and semi-trailers.

Each clay filter is rigidly mounted in a frame that allows for dumping of the spent clay. A vacuum fill port is provided for connection to an external. Vacuum source for filling (a locally mounted vacuum system is available as an option).

Pressure gauges are provided on both inlet and outlet lines to the filter and a flow-sight indicator is provided to monitor flow conditions and purified oil color. In addition, a sight-glass is provided on the filter to visually monitor the condition of the clay. Whenever the vessel is filled with fresh clay, the filter is subjected to vacuum to evacuate all trapped air prior to flooding with oil.

The most efficient use of the clay is obtained by running the towers in parallel with the lead tower as the roughing filter and the second tower performing the polishing. When the clay in the lead filter is spent, it is changed and the series flow reversed to make the freshly charged tower the polishing unit and the former polishing unit the roughing filter.


Using ASME design housings, each system is equipped with an air release valve, drain valve, viewport, and swing-bolt release bottom dumping cover and dovetail groove O-ring seal. Welded fittings, installed by certified welders, are used wherever possible. This minimizes oil leakage potential, which is especially important on portable equipment.

Most systems are equipped with a vacuum filling system that allows the operator to draw clay into the filters using a hose. Man-handling bags to the top of the filters and pouring is not required. Vacuum filling also allows removal of air prior to oil introduction to minimize channeling of oil through the clay bed. Most systems come equipped with a hydraulic dumping system that allows spent clay to be dumped into a hopper without shoveling or manual handling. Portable systems typically have hydraulics to allow the operator to tilt the filter clear of the rear of the trailer and then to power open the filter for automatic dumping.


A variety of choices for making the system portable, including fully trailered systems, benches, steps, storage boxes, hose storage tubes and others, Hydraulic, pneumatic, electric or manual winch-operated dump, hydraulic tilting of filter for dumping. This option is useful when the filter must be installed in an area with low height clearance as the overall filter height is minimized. Vacuum filling pump, this option is useful when an external vacuum source is unavailable or it is otherwise desired to have a dedicated vacuum source. The pump comes with a local starter, exhaust filter and dust trap.

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